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Our Agency


We are very pleased to present JWLA. The first company that specialises in the design and manufacturing of jewellery, accessories and merchandises.


Depending on your needs we create customised products tailored to your business, and that’s not all…

We are here to make your life easier. Our in house team of experts including buyers, designers and consultants are at your disposal to meet your every need.

We manufacture all around the world

We manufacture all over the world and are surrounded by jewellery & accessories experts for all types of products that we can develop whether it be for costume jewellery, accessories or merchandises


Our expertise in these areas allow us to work with clients with very different profiles, renowned designers , major business groups , traditional jewellery stores and mass market retailers.


Our mission

if you want to create a brand, a collection, a limited edition line, to enhance your existing offer, to delve into a new jewellery venture or even if you are looking to redefine your strategy, we are here to help you.

100% reserved for professionals, 100% dedicated to the creation of jewellery and accessories, from our best workshops direct to you.

JWLA is the first Agency fully dedicated to the world of jewellery and accessories.

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